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About Me



I know what it’s like:  


to give up; 

to have panic thoughts that I can never do this; 

to not walk up stairs without huffing and puffing;

to think I’m going to die before I reach 40 (literally); and

to make sure I was the one taking photos so I would never be in them!


Hi, my name is Lynn Sawatzky and I AM here, I survived reaching 40, I am turning 62 this year and I lost over 100 pounds, 15 years ago.


I understand the sheer terror of thinking that I might be over weight for the rest of my life. And that this may be my struggle for life. 


And now for the good news - I mean the GREAT news:


I also know the feelings of sheer FREEDOM and EXHILARATION, of not having to count calories, weigh my food, count my macros, enter all of my data on an app, count points, mix shakes, and worry about what I eat when I travel. I know the EXCITEMENT of looking in my closet and knowing I will look great in whatever I choose.  I am CONTENT and HAPPY - and I want these feelings for you too.


I understand how to lose weight and maintain it - even throughout menopause.


Now I love how I look, I am happy to be in photos, I can eat what and when I want.  I know how to make wise choices and eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m satisfied.


I love the amazing feeling of having figured it out - my way!  The way I will live it - for the rest of my life! 


My passion is to show YOU how to figure it out - YOUR WAY! So you can live it - for the rest of YOUR life!


Do I hear an AMEN?



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